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The Architecture of a Sentence

An approach to Reed-Kellogg diagramming

Johnson--Every man is sufficiently disco

Every man is sufficiently discontented with some circumstances of his present state, to suffer his imagination to range more or less in quest of future happiness, and to fix upon some point of time, in which, by the removal of the inconvenience which now perplexes him, or acquisition of the advantage which he at present wants, he shall find the condition of his life very much improved.
When this time, which is too often expected with great impatience, at last arrives, it generally comes without the blessing for which it was desired; but we solace ourselves with some new prospect, and press forward again with equal eagerness.


—Samuel Johnson, Rambler No. 5 [Spring] (April 3, 1750)


Below is the January 2022 draft of my book on Reed-Kellogg sentence diagramming. It has not been fully proofread. If you find errors, please let me know. Once I have proofread this version, I will allow the book to be downloaded.


If you have comments on this project, feel free to email me (Jennifer Arch) at

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